If You’re Experiencing Legal Issues, Don’t Tackle Them Alone

Life is full of unexpected challenges, but legal setbacks can make it feel like your world is crumbling at your feet. Whether you’re battling criminal charges or facing a personal injury that requires litigation, my firm, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, is on your side. I handle a range of cases on a personal basis, getting to know each client as an individual and therefore providing more focused and personalized support.

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Joshua A. Lopez, Esq.

Legal Representation On A Personal Level

How a case proceeds can depend on state laws, I use my thorough knowledge of Arizona’s laws to help you find the best approach to resolving your case. That may include negotiating for a reduction in charges, reaching a settlement, or ultimately going to trial. I will work with the unique circumstances of your case to reduce the likelihood that a trial will be necessary, providing you with a range of options and explaining the consequences of each potential outcome.

From Criminal Law To Personal Injury, You’re Covered

I represent people who are in situations involving:

Car accidents: Injuries from a motor vehicle accident caused by another person’s negligence can cause long-lasting or even permanent disabilities. If you’ve experienced injuries from a car accident, I will strive to help you get the full amount you’re entitled to from your claim, including compensation for your medical expenses, emotional trauma, and lost income.

Criminal defense: I know your rights and will help you protect them against charges you may be experiencing. I handle all types of criminal cases, including violent offenses, sexual offenses, white-collar crimes, drug charges, weapons charges, and numerous other areas of criminal law. I take the basic tenet that you’re innocent until proven guilty seriously and have a strong track record of working with clients to try to reduce sentencing or eliminate charges.

DUIs and DWIs: If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI), the first thing you may lose is your driving privilege. These charges can disrupt your life significantly, creating issues at home, at work, and in other relationships. Call me, and I will work with you day and night to figure out your next steps and help you get on the road faster.

No matter how severe your charges may be, your rights matter. I am willing to stand up and fight for you to the fullest possible degree.

Don’t Wait To Protect Your Rights

I am willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays to help you through your toughest times. Call 480-372-4326 for a consultation about how I can advocate for you, or send me a message online.